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Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 120 reviewers.
Men Running Shoes
All Terrain Sprint
Neon Yellow/Vital Blue/Black/White (V54600)
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Rated 5 out of 5 by Great shoes! I've put them through the Reebok Las Vegas Hurricane Heat today and the look like new still minus some paint missing on the bottoms. They kept my feet in good shape the whole way with only a small issue of rocks getting inside. I do request approperate socks be made to encourage proper water removeal from the shoes. I had trouble with heavy socks most of the day. 4/5/14
Rated 4 out of 5 by Incredible traction, super light, a couple issues These shoes are unbelievably lightweight. and have incredible traction and are great for a shorter race, but develop a few issues over the duration of longer races. I just used them for the first time at back to back OCR's, a 3 miler followed by a 10 miler the next day. Both involved lots of mud, water and steep hills up and down a mountain multiple times. During the 3 mile race I had zero issues. They stick to the ground so well that people were asking about the shoes as I passed them on the way down some of the muddier slopes while they struggled for grip. Running on trails is a blast because of the weight and traction. I was a little nervous about the traction on slick, flat climbing obstacles because of the small points of contact, but never had any problems. Water drained as advertised, however smaller pebbles made their way in to the shoe on either side of my ankle which became a problem on the long distance race.. I had to stop around mile 5 to empty the shoes of pebbles. The shoes fit perfectly, but I think when my feet are submerged in mud they open up a tiny bit on the way up sucking in some of the mud. The other issue during the 10 mile race was,after the 3rd or 4th steep climb & decent when the back of the shoes started digging into my achilles tendons eventually blistering and becoming raw for the rest of the race. There's no real padding back there and it starts to feel sharp. I'm going to try a different pair of socks for the next race and I think that will help. They stood up well to being used, hosed down, thrown in the washing machine, dried in the dryer (on a rack not tumbled), used again for a long time, re-hosed, washed and dried again. They show almost zero wear after two days of intense use. I bought these because the Supers were not available in my size. Since these are called Sprints and are great for sprints I can't help wondering if the Supers would have been better for longer courses. 6/7/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Darn good shoes I just ran a Tough Mudder today with these shoes and they performed admirably. I never had to worry about slippage. The water drained well and I never felt like I was going to lose them in the thick mud. They run narrow, but I have really narrow feet and they were perfect. Fit is true to size (width notwithstanding ). I highly recommend these shoes for people that enjoy mud runs. Just hose them off and they're ready to go. 4/20/14
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Short-Distance Trail Shoe! I ran in the Carolinas Spartan Sprint wearing these bad boys with much success! Finished Top 10 in my age group, Top 40 overall! Wo0t! I think the toe box is a little narrow, which isn't a problem on shorter runs (-6 miles), but might be a problem on longer runs when your feet start to swell. Still, this is a great shoe for running these shorter OCRs, and I'm looking forward to the next race in these! 3/31/14
Rated 1 out of 5 by TOO NARROW I was so excited to unwrap these and break them in prior to running another Spartan Super in Vegas this coming Saturday, but was terribly disappointed within an hour of wearing them just around my house. The shoes are incredibly light and have amazing tread for trail/mud running. The drainage features look like what any Spartan would hope for, but the heels of the shoes are just about as narrow as the toes. Unless you have very narrow feet or are into foot bondage, this is not the shoe for you. I'm so bummed that I wasted $25 to overnight these to my house and they're being sent back within the hour. Reebok- perhaps you should offer a W size for people that don't have feet shaped like a baguette. 3/31/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Just ran the Spartan Race.... Wanted to wait until after I ran the Spartan Race to give these shoes a review. First off I only ran the Sprint at Citi Field so I don't have too much input to give here. All I can say is that they held up fine, and were very comfortable to run in. I have a wide foot so they are a little narrow, however not uncomfortably narrow. I'm also flat footed and usually running shoes have too much of an arch and hurt, these DO NOT have that issue. The soles are relatively flat and are comfortable for someone with flat feet to run in. Overall I would pick these up if you do any kind of obstacle racing, or run on uneven terrain outside. 4/14/14
Rated 1 out of 5 by more like a soccer cleat If you even remotely have a wide foot this is not the shoe for you. I don't think this shoe is for the average person. There does not seem to be any structure to the shoe so if you are not an experienced runner don't try it. Was really hoping this would be my OCR shoe but am sticking with something else. 4/7/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fast times.... I was skeptic about this shoe thinking it was all hype. But after reading more reviews I decided to take a chance and get a pair of Sprints. I broke them in on a mud run on a Saturday, Muckfest and it was on a muddy course with inclines and declines but nothing major. The performed great and I felt stability that I've never felt before. I felt so comfortable that I wore them the very next day at the Spartan Sprint Race at Tuxedo NY. The shoe performed awesome!!! The intense climbs and declines on the ski slopes were no match for my shoes and I felt great. All throughout the run, up, down, rock, mud; I was comfortable and able to push harder. Thank you! 6/3/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great shoes. I ran the Spartan Sprint for the first time on July 26th and had bought these shoes specifically for the race, and they performed exceptionally. I was able to climb out of the mudpits, get a better grip on the ropes, and was not afraid to run through the puddles. I noticed a lot of other runners using regular shoes were slipping up the slopes where it was a bit wet, and i had no problems. I've seen reviews that say these shoes don't last too long so I guess that is something that i will have to see for my self in the next couple of races that i go to. 7/31/14
Rated 1 out of 5 by Raw feet Light shoe. Ran 4 miles; back of shoe rubbed Achilles' tendon raw. Shoe felt very narrow and bare. Got blisters on outside of toes and under forefoot. Wanted to like shoes due to tread and lightness. After repeated attempts gave up. Have not had issues with different brand but wanted to try these because of spartan run association. 7/16/14
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