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Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 reviewer.
Women Running Shoes
Excellent Red/Black/White (M44410)
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Rated 5 out of 5 by Spartan Reebok I purchased these shoes specifically for my Spartan Races. I wanted a shoe that is lightweight, draining, has good traction, yet still supportive to run in. These are excellent shoes! They were very quick to break in, the back of the heel is a little higher than my running shoes, but after 2-3 running sessions, they were good. I did my Spartan Sprint race this weekend in them and was very impressed! They very quickly drained of water and mud, stayed very light on my feet, and the traction on the mountain?? Wow! For that alone I would recommend these. This race was on a black diamond ski slope, very steep, there were large areas where we were climbing through the woods and over rocks and these shoes were perfect. Traction was awesome! They rinsed clean quickly in the showers, I have washed them in a washing machine as well, and they come out looking like new. The only drawbacks, and these are probably personal as every foot is different. I had to put different insoles in them for added arch support...on the plus side, they STILL drain perfectly with these insoles. I also found that the ankle support is not quite the same as my running shoes, but that wasn't a major issues, more minor. My boyfriend's pair seems to be breaking down already after only about 45 days of ownership, I will have to wear mine a little more to see if this is usual for this style. Also, they do allow small stones and sand in....I found that it's coming in around my ankle, they don't stay tight very well at that point. There is a gap when my foot bends on the backstep. Honestly though, all of these drawbacks were minor and I loved these shoes! 7/14/14
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