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Rated 4.7 out of 5 by 152 reviewers.
Women CrossFit Shoes
Reebok CrossFit Athlete Select Pack Nano 4.0
Mint Glow/Porcelain/Black/Silver (M45393)
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Rated 3 out of 5 by Left tongue slips and causes discomfort :( I wanted to love these shoes. I did not like the 2.0, but I loved the 3.0! I was hoping that the 4.0 would be a bit more like the 3.0, but they sadly were more like the 2.0 for me. The 4.0 promised an internal FITFRAME for a no slip, no move tongue. Apparently my left shoe did not get that memo because that tongue kept slipping all over the place which caused rubbing and discomfort :( But ONLY the LEFT shoe. The right shoe was perfect!! So if I just had to judge based on the right foot then I'd say it was the perfect shoe! Lightweight, breathable, comfortable. But I have two feet, so I must look at how the left foot was impacted. Sadly, I did not love these shoes as I had hoped! 8/11/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by I highly recommend Nano 4.0 I've been an athlete my whole life but I am relatively new to CrossFit. I started four months ago and was instantly hooked. I was skeptical at first, if a shoe would really make that much difference. However, after hearing great reviews about past generations of Nanos, I decided to take the leap and buy the Nano 4.0, and am so happy I did! The Nano 4.0 has amazing stability. During all of my lifts I feel completely grounded and secure. I never imagined that a shoe with such flat bottoms could still have arc support but they truly do, my foot never feels sore after a WOD. Not only that, but they are incredibly light and great to run in. I haven't tried any distances over 1 mile yet, but for sprints, agility movements, and all of my WODs they have been great. I could not be happier with any other shoe. Reebok has developed the perfect CrossFit shoe and I highly recommend the Nano 4.0 to any CrossFitter! 7/21/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Nano 4.0 is my favorite CrossFit shoe yet. I'm a CrossFit shoe junkie. From the Nano 2.0s, 3.0s to different brands, I've tried them all. There are a few things that really stuck out to me on the 4.0: -they are lighter weight -they are more flexible which is great for big-footed people like myself -comfortable for runs (I only usually go max a mile or so in a CrossFit wod so I don't know how they would be for longer distances-- I am not a runner!) -the cage seems more breathable I am very impressed with the improvements Reebok has made in the 4.0 since the 3.0. I really love that I know the Nano 4.0's are ready for anything in a WOD: rope climbs, runs, burpees & box jumps. 8/19/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nano virgin no-more I have been doing Crossfit for just over a year and a half and never really bought into the Nano hype. Everyone else was doing it, so I was a bit hesitant to conform, since I thought the shoes were just a marketing thing. But when I had an opportunity to review the shoes for personal use, I fell in love!!! These shoes are so comfortable and breathable and super cute! I did a full review over on my blog, but I highly recommend!! I have been wearing a more minimalist shoe for quite some time, and was concerned with the bulkier design compared to my usual shoe, but was pleasantly surprised as how comfortable, lightweight, and flexible these are! The first WOD I tested the shoes out on was ���Helen,” which I had only done once before a couple of years ago. Without running for the past seven weeks due to an injury, I was planning on rowing instead, but decided to jog around the building to see how the shoes felt. And my foot felt amazing. I despise any WOD that has running in it, but it just felt so right (and I got the little “RX” next to the WOD for the first time)! I began to second-guess my everyday WOD shoe choice as maybe the additional support was a significant adjustment to how my foot was being pounded around in the shoe. 8/18/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing fit, premium build quality, very versatile The Nano 4.0's are hands down the best training shoes I've ever owned. I've worn them for every single training session since I got them. I'm an Olympic Lifter so I do train in OL shoes as well, but for everything else, my Nano 4.0's are my #1 choice. I can definitely still snatch and clean and jerk in Nanos if I choose to. I have an love Nano 3.0's as well, but the fit of the 4.0 is superior. As soon as I put them on when they were brand new, they instantly molded to my feet. No break in required whatsoever! The build quality, materials, and attention to detail truly puts these shoes in a class of their own. I've attached a couple of close up pictures to help you visualize how well made the 4.0's are. All the color combos are great, but the yellow and black 2014 games edition are fricken spectacular. SO vibrant and energetic. Pictures really do no justice to how good these shoes look in person. If you're in the market for Nanos I probably don't need to tell you how well they perform as a training shoe. They're so versatile and somehow manage to be sturdy and durable yet still lightweight. These are made to last so they're definitely an investment to your training that's worth making. Sizing for me was right on with with what I've worn in other brands and the same size as my 3.0's. I love that Reebok provides hassle free pre-paid return shipping labels just in case though. Do it...get 'em. :) The only hard decision is what color to choose. If you go with the yellow and black, there's some great matching apparel for both men and women. I have the lightweight hoodie I linked below and it's AMAZING. 8/15/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best One Yet I've had several pairs of 2's and 1 pair of 3's and I love that these 4.0's combine my favorite features of both of those into 1 shoe. Wide Toe box, duracage, Rope Pro, Lightweight, and breathable. My favorite WOD shoe yet! 8/10/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by LOVE them! I was kind of nervous for my first WOD with them as it included running (something that I didn't like wearing my old Nanos for) but also knew it was the perfect opportunity to test and compare the to the older version. Immediately I could feel the difference! The soft midsole cushioning and lightweight guidance gave my knees and joints the comfort they needed while running, while the 4mm heel to toe drop gave me the stability I needed during that day's wall balls. I have fallen in love with them more each day. And while I may not (always) love burpees, I do appreciate the toe wrap to protect those little babies with each jump back as I throw myself to the ground. I'm a big believer that the Nanos are getting better with each version! The 4.0's do NOT disappoint! 8/13/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nano 4s - Another Home Run! I have to say, I really love ALL the Nanos! I can tell the Nano 4.0 is going to be super durable and last me a long time. The truth is, the Nano really needed no improvement - I already LOVED them! But, as always, Reebok continues to look for ways to improve these shoes and that's why I keep buying them! These are my 7th pair and they all still practically look brand new! #Addicted! 8/15/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Perfect Fit! I love these shoes. I have the Nano 2.0 and 3.0 and these are the best fit yet. Thank you Reebok for working so hard to make the right improvements every time! 8/14/14
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fits like a glove As a new crossfit enthusiast I wanted to wear something that supported my feet for all the lifts & fit comfortably. I love these! Not only are the colors vibrant & fun, but the moment I put them on they molded to my feet perfectly & fit like a glove. They are light weight, and flexible which allows me to run in them as well. 7/22/14
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