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Reebok Women’s Activewear

You move. A lot. Like a lot a lot. So, you need—no—want gear that’s both for athletics and athleisure like a Lux workout dress, golf skirt or tennis skirt that moves how you move every day, all day.

Reebok Athleisure

Women’s workout clothes are stylish and comfortable, and designed to make you look good doing whatever you’re doing. A Workout dress that’s form-fitting and supportive, hitting the links with golf skirt, or hitting cross-court winners with the tennis skirt. That’s the beauty, you can have athleisure wear that you can be active and chill in with a workout dress and the entire lux collection that’s as versatile as you.

Reebok Lux Collection

The exclusive Lux collection brings with it a lineup of comfortable and supportive apparel for women to choose from. The Lux Strappy Dress is a workout dress that you can hit the gym with but also hit the café for a quick coffee with friends. But there’s also Lux leggings, Lux bras and Lux tops that are the definition of athleisure wear. It’s all there with the full line up of Reebok gear for women.

Reebok Skirts

Just because you’re wearing a skirt, doesn’t mean you have to keep adjusting or worry about slippage. The Reebok golf skirt or tennis skirt, move freely with a skirt that has built-in short tights. So, whether doing a sport, hitting a HIIT class or just chillin’, this active athleisure wear is the perfect fit for any activity.

Reebok skirts and dresses run the gambit of style and comfort—from the full Lux collection to workout dress to a golf skirt or tennis skirt—it’s all there for serious athletes one day and as athleisure wear for serious chill time. Yes, you can do both with Reebok.