DMX Comfort+




Reebok DMX Comfort+ Walking Shoes

Whether it’s your daily morning routine, you’re part of a walking club, or maybe you’re into Hot Girl Walk—Reebok DMX Comfort+ give you the stability and support you need. Not to mention, they’re super comfortable. All in all, its part walking shoe and part lifestyle shoe—and all for you.

DMX Air Technology

This Reebok technology moves air from heel to toe in every step. What does that mean? Basically, it's like having a personalized cushion for your feet, providing support, stability softness in every step. And because these walking shoes are lightweight, you can feel like you’re walking on air and comfortable the whole time. DMX Air Technology is all about you and keeping you walking.

Walking shoe meets Lifestyle Shoe

The Reebok DMX Comfort+ is mixes comfortable support and stability with style. So, when you’re doing your daily Hot Girl Walk routine, you’re covered. Or when you’re just meeting for coffee, you’re covered. Or when you’re doing just about anything, the Reebok DMX Comfort+ walking shoe is your lightweight, go-to lifestyle shoe.

Walk On

So, what’s stopping you from putting on the Reebok DMX Comfort+? Because once you slip them on, you will feel like you’re walking on clouds. Comfortable and lightweight with support and stability, so you can glide through your day in ultimate ahhhhhh moments. Plus, the added feel of DMX Air Technology give these walking shoes that extra something that makes float as you step through your day. So get on your Hot Girl Walk stroll or head out for a day on errands—just do it while walking on air.