Sports Bras




Women's Sports Bras

We take sports bras seriously. From their design, style, comfort and function – women deserve the best support out there. That’s why Reebok has designed a range of different sports bras to suit the type of workout you’re doing, and your style preference too.

Low Impact Sports Bras

Invigorate your body and your mind with a low impact sport like walking, yoga, pilates and barre classes – perfect for that feel-good boost. But don’t forget, every stretch, flex and breath needs just the right support. Our collection of low impact sports bras provide exactly that with the help of stretchy-fit, elasticated materials like polyester and spandex interlock, giving you the freedom of movement you need. Plus, all our low impact sports bras are available in a range of colors, so you can match them to your workout gear, or wear them with confidence without an extra layer of apparel.

Medium Impact Sports Bras

HIIT workout? Dance class? Or maybe a group exercise session is more your thing? Whatever your workout, our medium impact sports bras are a great fit. Find the comfort and style that’s right for you, with a range of soft, stretchy materials like spandex jacquard and sweat-sweeping Speedwick to keep you cool and dry. Some medium impact sports bras also have removable pads for extra shaping and an adjustable fit.

High Impact Sports Bras

Challenge yourself with a high impact workout like running, boxing or plyometrics, and experience all the comfort and support you need with our high impact sports bras. Power through with the help of sweat-wicking fabric and customize your fit with adjustable straps for extra coverage and confidence.

Finding The Perfect Sports Bra For You

The three main deciding factors when choosing a sports bra are the comfort, fit and support. However, here are a few additional details to consider before you buy.

All Reebok sports bras have a size chart to help you pick the right size. But we’ve gone one step further with the Reebok PureMove Bra, which is available in 10 sizes and 5 in-between sizes, making it easier than ever to find the perfect fit. Like most bras, sports bras have a variety of back closures. Whether it’s an easy pull on, stretchy bra, or a bra with adjustable straps and back closure, see what feels best for you and your frame. On average, if you’re exercising 2-3 times per week, we’d advise replacing your sports bra within 6-12 months in case of any loss of elasticity.