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The partnership with a performance collection that elevates his (and your) workout routine.


Reebok x Justin Fields

In the first roster move back into the football world, Reebok is excited to announce a championship-level partnership. Together we’re bringing Reebok Classics like Classic Leather and BB4000 II, but also performance footwear and apparel like Nano X3, joggers and tracksuits.

Justin Fields Workout

This QB1 works out like a champ because he’s going to be one. He burns up his workout with the Nano X3 and Reebok performance apparel for their versatility, meaning he can rip off sets of weights, lunges, sprints and whatever else a Pro Quarterback needs.

Reebok Classics

Whether in the gym or out, Justin relies on footwear that can handle his life—and Reebok X Justin Fields brings what he (and you) need. Nano X3 is his most trusted teammate in the gym while he’s going through a grueling Justin Fields Workout. And when done, he rocks Classic Leathers or BB4000 II that show off his style. The versatility of Reebok Classics are a go-to for a QB1 energy vibe.

Performance Apparel

Of course, during any Justin Fields workout, he needs t-shirts, shorts, joggers, and tracksuits that match the intensity and are durable. The Reebok X Justin Fields collection has those in spades.

The Reebok X Justin Fields partnership brings together more than just a sports performance apparel brand and a Pro Quarterback—rather it brings together a shared set of values—long-term commitment to community, sport culture and of course football.

We were able to sit down with Fields to chat all things sports, favorite Reebok training gear, most memorable childhood sports moment, and more. Check out the article here.