"The FloatZig 1 is a comfortable, bouncy, fun shoe and I’ve loved putting miles on them.” 

– Believe in the Run 

Reebok Running Shoes

As a runner, you know there are a plethora of different runs—base, long distance, recovery, hills, intervals…and more. It’s why we designed different sneakers with different features. Basically, if you’re a runner, we have a Reebok running shoe for you.

How to choose a Reebok running shoe?

You know your run style best. Think about what you’re looking to achieve and what style of run you do to reach your goal. Do you need a breathable sneaker or one that’s more responsive to the rocky terrain? Or do you need something bouncy? Something grounding? Again, it’s up to your running style and intentions—thinking about this is a good first step to finding your shoe.

Road running, Varied Terrain, Distance or Speed

These are 4 basic categories that you can fit into and is a good starting point to find your pair of Reebok running shoes. The support and comfort of each sneaker can be different because each Reebok running shoe is designed to suit different needs (so it can be responsive, breathable, or bouncy, for example). Define this and it’s a step in the right direction.

Other Things to Consider

Your foot naturally rolls inward when you run, that’s called pronation, but many people roll too far in or out (that’s overpronation vs underpronation). This can lead to imbalance and unnecessary pressure on your foot. Find a sneaker that helps balance your step so you’re more even. Also, make sure to measure your foot before a new pair, often times a new shoe can just fit differently, and experts say to get a half size larger.

Head Out and Run

In the end, even with all the science and design, how a running sneaker feels is most important. Put a Reebok running shoe on, get a feel for it, and that will go a long way in picking your right one.